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XPOSIV Productions


XPOSIV is a multimedia company that builds excitement with promotional videos, documentaries and title designs. They also provide video display solutions ranging from CD-ROM to video walls.

XPOSIV's creative director, Anyes Galleani, is originally from Italy and started her career as a fashion and celebrity photographer.

In the 1990's, Galleani developed her own photo montaging techniques that captured the attention of a wide variety of clients, expanding her work to graphic design, web development and digital video.

Combining her valuable multimedia background with her photography expertise, Galleani and XPOSIV lead the industry in creating provocative, budget-conscious videos for displays, Web sites, CD-ROM and DVD. XPOSIV also utilizes digital video in title designs for film and television. Clients include Warner Brothers, W Magazine, Marie Claire Magazine, Ogilvy & Mather and Paramount Pictures.


dtank, Inc.
a division of Sitag International

What is dtank?

dtank is a client-driven design collaborative. We work closely with our clients and end-users to develop office furnishings solutions. Give us your vision, your requirements, your budget and your ideas; our design team will push the limits of conceptual design to create custom furnishings solutions for you.

How does dtank work?

dtank's mission is to revolutionize the entire furniture industry by pioneering new ways of creating custom-made furnishings. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and innovative materials, we offer furnishings solutions at competitive prices with very short lead times. Our turnkey product design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide clients with unlimited creative flexibility, budget-conscious products, immediate responses to market conditions and the highest level of quality control.

What makes dtank different?

We at dtank distinguishes ourselves in providing not only a complete team of industrial designers and engineers, but in having at our disposal a fully-equipped, 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility operated in conjunction with Sitag International. This facility uses the latest in European and American technology to produce office furnishings with an exacting degree of attention to detail and quality control. Because of this relationship, dtank can value-engineer every proposed product to provide the highest degree of design sophistication at the lowest price possible. Furthermore, we are able to provide complete delivery and installation services for most of our projects.

How is affordable custom furniture possible?

dtank takes advantage of alternative materials and manufacturing processes to create high-quality custom furniture at off-the-shelf prices. Because of our unique relationship with Sitag's manufacturing facility, we do not need to outsource manufacturing and can therefore eliminate third-party markup.

What does dtank design?

dtank is committed to the creative vision of our clients, and our ability to create fully realized products is limited only by our imaginations. Our product list has included clustered workstations, sliding panel doors, conference tables, lighting solutions, custom seating and group workstations that transform into individual workstations and transform again into conference tables.

What materials does dtank use for their projects?

dtank enjoys a well-deserved reputation for using new and innovative materials in unique ways to create the products our clients demand. We have used rip-stop kite fabric for privacy panels, cork flooring for tackboards, mail box material (Corrulite) for conference table supports, perforated metal for dividers and RTF membrane foil for desktop veneers.

Who are dtank's clients?

dtank's client list is composed of some of the most dynamic companies in the world: MTV, Universal Studios, Razorfish,, Ogilvy & Mather, NASDAQ, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Virgin Entertainment Group and Verve Music Group.

What is the future of dtank?

We at dtank are committed to what we believe is the future of office furnishings: coupling state-of-the-art design and manufacturing processes with innovative materials to offer custom furnishings at affordable prices. This pioneering approach places dtank at the forefront of contemporary design and is appreciated by cutting-edge architects and designers worldwide. We are proud to be leaders of this design movement and are confident that our success in offering affordable custom furnishings will continue.

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